Domi Circo


My name is Dominik Srzednicki. I was born and raised in Poland, where I graduated in Pedagogy with a focus on cultural promotion. In Poland, I threw my first ball up into the air more than 15 years ago and since then I have not stopped juggling. Currently, I live between Spain and Poland.

The diabolo would have reached the moon many times over if I counted all the times I threw it up in the air.

And with all the cards I have guessed right… I wonder why did I not become a poker player instead of a circus act?

I’d make myself crazy if I had to find all the things I‘ve made disappeared. And would be already a millionaire if I kept all the coins I’ve ever played with.

But what has fulfilled me most all these years has been able to make people smile. That has always been my professional driving force. I treasure every laugh, and every emotion I have conjured up while performing throughout Europe and beyond. By sharing experiences with people and friends in Circus festivals, conventions and street fairs I have truly learned everything I know.

I’ve been part of several Circus companies: Circo Wagabundo, Kejos Theater, Circus Klan Grus, A-Team (Vitek & Dominik). I have also attended workshops and taken classes in Circus schools such as Ateneu de nou barris in Barcelona and La Carampa in Madrid.
The circus has always been my true passion, and now with my two precious kids and my beautiful partner this life style has become more meaningful than ever. Together with the three of them I keep growing and learning.

Transformed into Domi, I follow my artistic path alone, but in perfect company.