Domi Circo

Close up

Amidst the crowd, in the bar
where you meet your friends for a beer,
where you invite the kids to a nice piece of cake,
on the patio where you’re having a dinner
date…here, mixed in with the audience, really
close in, where you can almost touch the magic…
the bottle top from your beer,
the change from the waiter,
your lighter after you light your cigarette
the napkin you use to wipe your daughter’s face…
a spoon, the menu…with all that, from the most
ordinary things the most extraordinary happens.
Is it only an illusion? is it possible? impossible?
Each will have their own experience, but
they are certainly going to see something, because
this show is guaranteed to shake up their
sense of reality.

It’s not your run of the mill show, it’s captivating entertainment. The very visual and organic magical effects are a perfect excuse for having a great time, connecting with others and living and feeling something extraordinary. All this in a relaxed and friendly setting.

Domi transformed in professional magician amazes the audience with complicated
sleight of hand. His magic ties together entertaining stories and participation from the crowd with the impact of the show itself to create the wonder of magic for each individual, couple or group of friends.

Years of shows have proven that we’re all equal when it comes to magic-younger, older, designer, professor, doctor or labourer… we’re all enchanted by magic.

Length: 1 – 2 hours.
Perfect for company parties, birthdays, reunions, bars, weddings…