Domi Circo

Street Show

Large, small, shorter, and now longer,
there were three…no two, and now one, there it is…
wait, no, no it’s not. it’s white, no red, he didn’t
have anything, how can he do that? oh, he got me again!….
look, everything turns and suddenly….disappears.
Confounding reality, juggler
magician, clown, playing with the audience mixes
and enmeshes all I have to offer…

An entertaining and interactive show.

The audience falls for it–they think the nice guy on the stage isn’t going to shock them. And then it turns out that the clown is an outstanding magician and an uncommon juggler.

The entertaining and fun show combines visual magical effects, involvement with the audience and many complex and very original juggling techniques.

The show is adaptable and has few technical requirements, because of this the show can be performed as street theatre, on stage, or as a dinner show at a bar. Young and old, kids and teens all share in the laughter and surprise.

Length: 50 minutes

Technical needs: 4 x 4 m. stage

Sound system provided

The act:

  • magic with ropes, cards, etc. (the magic tricks may vary in each show)
  • juggling and multiplying balls
  • contact juggling, tennis balls
  • hat tricks
  • giving life to objects