Domi Circo

Stage Show

Balls that jump, skip and bounce.
They multiply and disappear.
They escape, hide, stop,
they’re out of control!
They’re doing their own thing, but look-
they jump like sparks, what fun,
they’re all over.
Juggling them tickles me
and I don’t remember how many there are.

Will I forget one?

An original and surprising routine- the fusion and variety of techniques and disciplines results in fun and magical play. The appearance, disappearance, and multiplication of balls and the handling of a hat work together to create a lovely technique of bouncing juggling.

This act is a small introduction to a new and larger show that is still under construction.

Time: 12 min

Technical needs: 4 x 4 m. Stage

Flat and hard surface (as needed for bouncing juggling)